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Our Mission at Osa Mountain Village
On April 18th, 2010, Jim Gale announced commencement of construction on Phase I of its unique community concept. The community is located in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone along the pristine Pacific Coast, where the mountains meet the ocean. It is about 20 minutes from Palmar Norte and 40 minutes from Dominical and overlooks the Pacific Ocean at a temperate 2,000 feet elevation level. 
The area boasts magnificent ocean sunset views, ideal climate, an abundance of wildlife 
and a wealth of adventure activities. 

This 750+ acre development is using less than 7% of the land for development of villas, infrastructure and food production. The other 93% is being used as a nature preserve and jungle playground. Osa Mountain Village has a goal of producing 80% of the food consumed by its guests and residents. Thousands of fruit trees have already been planted and the future will bring vegetables, herbs, chicken and tilapia. 
Freshly-caught seafood will also be available to guests and residents at a significant discount. 

The development is quickly growing into 150 1, 2 & 3 bedroom villas, restaurant, community center, a large grass field for games, 
ranchos, barbecue areas, gym, basketball court and other amenities. 
An 11-line, 15-platform canopy tour, canyoning adventure (rappelling through waterfalls) and 
Tarzan Swing are already open.  Superman Zip Lines, Water Slide, Animal Sanctuary. . so much to do here!

The villas range from 800-1,600 square feet and include eco-friendly construction, granite or bamboo countertops and patio areas.  
Fractional units are also available for a 4-week share. Fractional units come fully furnished with everything needed 
to start renting or enjoying immediately. 

We invite you to contact us today. We welcome you to Osa Mountain Village!
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Our Jungle Villa Rentals:

*We are a sustainable, food-producing resort community in the 
Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica.
*We utilize the principles of 
permaculture and sustainable living in all of our decisions regarding construction of our villas, our custom homes, 
all common areas and infrastructure.
*For all of our residents, we provide fresh fruits, vegetables and other food items forever.  We grow our own food using
vertical greenhouse growing systems, aquaponics 
and through other organic gardening techniques.
*Our villas have gained over 44% equity in only 4 years.  
We anticipate continued strength for all of 
our future phases of construction.
*Our residents are made up of a very diverse group 
from all areas of the world.
*We encourage entrepreneurship in and around our community. 
 Many of our residents are involved in the many adventure tours 
that are highlighted and linked below.
*We have a very successful "Villa Rental Program" model, 
which will add a stream of income for you and your family while 
you are not using your villa.
Some Facts About Osa Mountain Village
Lobo Del Mar Fishing & Tours
*Mangrove Tours   *Snorkeling   *Deep Sea & River Fishing   *Sightseeing 
*Sierpe River Cruising   *Whale & Dolphin Watching
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interior villa osa mountain village
interior villa osa mountain villageinterior villa osa mountain villageinterior villa osa mountain village
interior villa osa mountain village
Osa Animal Sanctuary
Butterfly Paradise
Superman Zip Line
Osa Canopy Tour
OMV Water Slide
Eco Tour of Resilient Living
Adventure Tours & Attractions 
at Osa Mountain Village
Osa Boat Tours
Toucan Tillys & Our Restaurant
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Eagle's Crest at Osa Mountain Village
Our Final Phase of Construction     
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